How big is this cushion?

  • This cushion is 18'' wide x 18'' inches deep and approximately 4'' tall.

Do I run the risk of bottoming out in this cushion?

  • The air bladders inside this cushion are enclosed in several layers of strategically placed foam making it nearly impossible to bottom out.

What maintenance will this cushion require over the years?

  • After three to four years, depending on amount of use, the pump inside the cushion will need to be replaced.

How can I get my cushion repaired?

  • Email any concerns regarding your cushion.  We will gladly issue an intake number if we determine your cushion needs to be serviced.

How long is the warranty on this cushion?

  • The Simplex cushion has a 1 year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Is this cushion coded for insurance?

  • This cushion is not coded for insurance and does not have a HCPCS code.

How loud is this cushion?  Can I use it in church, the library, a movie theater, or in the office?

  • The sound that comes from the cushion is the sound the pump makes while inflating the air bladders.  The sound is not very loud.  The people sitting directly next to you might hear the vibrating sound of the pump.  

How many hours will the cushion run?

  • The cushion will run for approximately 25 hours.  If the battery dies the system will shut itself off.  The system will need to be charged before it will be able to be turned on again.         

Can you operate the system while it is plugged into the wall charging?

  • Yes, the cushion can be used while it is charging. Just make sure to unplug the charger before you move away from the wall outlet.

Where do I plug my charger in?

  • On the right side of your remote control there is a charging port labeled charger.  Plug your charger in there and plug the other side into a wall outlet.  

Do I have to pump the air into my cushion myself?

  • No, you do not.  Once turned on, the Simplex cushion will automatically start to inflate and deflate to the preset PSI.  

How does our cushion compare to multi-cell rubber air cushions?

  • Our cushion is designed to offer pressure injury prevention and treatment through full-time offloading and movement; multi-cell rubber air cushions cannot.

 What does full-time offloading mean?

  • Our cushions offload the most commonly sensitive areas, the sacral and both ischials. Full-time offloading means that those areas will have the least amount of upward pressure .  

What is the cushion made of?

  • The Simplex has several strategic layers. Fully self-contained, the Simplex has all of its components in the base of the cushion (electronics, battery, pump, etc.).  From there, the cushion has several layers of foam, as well as a layer of air bladders.   

Is this cushion completely waterproof?

  • While the Simplex cushion has a waterproof foam exterior and incontinent cover to pretect from spills, the Simplex should never be submerged in water.

Could my cat pop an air bladder?

  • Our air bladders are strategically placed within a foam exterior making it extremely hard for your bladders to be popped by a cat.

What do the numbers on the display of the remote control mean?

  • The display on the remote control simply shows the battery voltage left on the system.  Once your system gets down to 13 volts, you should think of charging your system. 

Can I charge my system using a power strip?

  • No, we do not recommend charging your system on a power strip.


Frequently Asked Questions