Improved Quality
of life

With your quality of life in mind, we created an easy to use and effective cushion.  

Simple, automatic movement with full-time offloading helps promote prevention of pressure injuries in hopes that you have a better quality of life. With no special training required, anyone can operate the Simplex cushion.  

The primary lesson taught by therapists to prevent pressure injury is interrupting constant pressure.  The Simplex helps to prevent pressure injuries by interrupting constant pressure every minute. 

The Simplex alternately inflates and then slowly deflates two sets of air bladders providing a similar benefit as a weight shift.  The alternating movement of the cushion simulates weight shifts without you having to do the work.  The Simplex alternates every 60 seconds.

The Simplex cushion is intended to help give you a better quality of life.

We wanted to design a cushion that would be simple to use, while at the same time extremely effective.  With that in mind, the engineers at AT&R developed the Simplex cushion.  Movement, prevention, and improved quality of life are the three concepts that engineers used to design this cushion.

The Concept Behind the Design

To end the constant pressure many wheelchair users face, we decided to focus on movement first.  Movement is necessary to avoid pressure injury.  This is why medical professionals recommend weight shifts every 15-30 minutes.

Unfortunately, many people simply can't perform the necessary weight shifts. To help those people, we designed a better and easier solution.  

Pressure mapping images of the Simplex cushion changing pressure points after alternating.