Advanced by design, the Simplex is easy to use, light-weight and portable.  

The Simplex cushion is 18'' x 18'' x 4'' and weighs approximately 5 lbs.  Additional sizes will be available soon.

Each cushion is completely self-contained; all the electronic components are strategically placed in the base of the cushion.   

Every Simplex cushion comes standard with both ischials and sacral area offloaded so these sensitive areas receive optimal pressure relief. 

Unlike most other cushions, the Simplex cushion was designed so there wouldn't be any upward pressure on your ischials or your sacral area.

Every Simplex cushion comes standard with an incontinent cover.  The cover is machine washable and dryable, as well as anti-microbial and anti-static.  

The remote control that operates the cushion comes out of the back right corner of the cushion.  The remote control has the power switch, the charging port, and the battery voltage display.  


The exterior of the Simplex cushion is a high quality foam with a waterproof coating.  While the exterior is waterproof, never submerge your cushion in water.

Every Simplex cushion uses a Smart Charger.  After a full charge, the Simplex cushion can run for up to 25 hours.  The battery has no memory effect.

The Cushion

Full-Time Offloading

                         Simplex Charger                                                                   The  Exterior

                          The Cover                                                                          Remote Control

Specifications and Operation

The Simplex cushion is an authentic American product. The Simplex cushion was proudly developed, tested, and assembled in the United States of America.

The Simplex cushion can be used in most chairs including: power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, reclining chairs, vehicle seats, and regular sitting chairs.


A single button operates the cushion.  There are no confusing adjustments. 

To start your system, simply flip the switch on the remote.  With a simple flip, the Simplex cushion will start automatically inflating and deflating.

Once the cushion is on, the first set of internal air bladders fills with air and then immediately begins to slowly deflate. After about 30 seconds, the 2nd set of air bladders inflates and slowly deflates.  The process will repeat until the cushion is turned off.  

The resulting action is a gentle massage of the posterior that interrupts the constant pressure one would experience while sitting for extended periods of time.  This alternating action fights the leading cause of sitting discomfort and pressure injuries, which is constant pressure.

When you are done using the cushion, turn the system off and plug it in to charge.  We recommend charging the system every night to ensure a full day of use the following day.