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Read more on our Principles page to learn how the Simplex stimulates circulation and offloads prominently sensitive areas with the flip of a switch.

Simplex wheelchair cushion- A simple solution for a potentially complex problem

The Simplex is an automatic alternating wheelchair cushion used primarily for the prevention of pressure injuries.  It functions somewhat like an alternating mattress, but is battery operated and used in a chair.

Most other wheelchair cushions on the market do not use automatic alternation and remain static for as long as you sit on them.  Our dynamic design keeps blood circulating all the while stimulating the skin and tissue.

The Simplex cushion is a new and proactive way to look at the seating challenges that many wheelchair users face.  

The Simplex cushion is one of the newest pressure sore treatment cushions.  The Simplex uses movement and full-time offloading of sensitive areas to help prevent and treat pressure injuries.  

Both ischials and sacral area have lower interface pressure while the rest of the cushion is populated with automatic alternating air bladders. 

Why is the Simplex cushion different? 

At AT&R we believe new designs and technologies are the future for wheelchair cushions, that's why we designed the new Simplex cushion.

Fully self-contained and completely automatic, the patented Simplex cushion is a simple and effective innovation designed to help prevent pressure injury.